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Posted by iyohn ~ 02/08/13, 9:01pm
so after looking at some other sites i created I noticed that sometimes a lot of spam accounts are able to sign into the sites using facebooks login.. I need to somehow put an end to this so Im doing some research and putting the findings here..

check if the users email is verified via facebook -> source = Stackoverflow

this seems like one way to see if they verified their email address.. another way would be to bring back my captcha shit thangs that I dont like but might need to put in place after XX hours or days..
Posted by iyohn ~ 01/31/13, 12:53am
I've stalled working on the script for the site because my laptop charger wasnt working correctly.. I had to bend the charger plug and hold it in place just to keep the laptop from dieing and well, doing that made it hard to type and do anything online so I was just getting pissed off at it and wasnt online much lately.. but today I talked by buddy into going to walmart and hobby lobby and I got a new universal charger for the laptop, hopefully this one lasts longer than a year. and I got some more wire to wrap up some more stones for that quick cash :)
Posted by iyohn ~ 01/25/13, 2:22am
I just found a minor bug I need to work out.. when the user signs up, and is then made an admin another row gets inserted into the db in the oauth accounts table. I need to put a check there first to see if the row is already found.

This has been fixed.
Posted by iyohn ~ 01/24/13, 11:08pm
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so yeah.. After creating this script / site and really liking how it works I'm leaning towards starting yohns.com as a totally different platfom instead of just a blogging site for myself. I want to share the creation with everyone and allow anyone to create their own website in minutes! A lot of the back end stuff already is assigned to the user that posted it, but It's going to need it to be assigned to the user, and website it would be on, so it'll take some hacking to get right. I believe its a good start and would make a lot of people happy by connecting their facebooks to their website easily. We'll see what I can come up with in the coming weeks while I work on switching everything over to work this way.

I'm actually really excited to think of this and look forward to getting phase 1 out but it will take a little while. I also think yohns.com is a good domain name to do this on as well. I'm leaning towards allowing the members to create their own website username and have it be on a subdomain on yohns.com, so if the user wants the username "irock" it would point to "irock.yohns.com". It'll work kinda like tumblr but integrated with facebook at first. I plan on integrating it into tumblr and twitter as well, but that's gonna take a little bit of time and currently are future plans for the script / site.

Posted by iyohn ~ 01/23/13, 5:29am
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so yeah. the last bunch of times I tried sending a picture to facebook on the facebook page it was failing, or getting sent to my personal account.. hopefully this time it will actually send to the facebook page I want it to go to.

round 2 cause the first time failed a little bit..
Posted by iyohn ~ 01/23/13, 5:26am
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so yeah. the last bunch of times I tried sending a picture to facebook on the facebook page it was failing, or getting sent to my personal account.. hopefully this time it will actually send to the facebook page I want it to go to.
Posted by iyohn ~ 01/23/13, 4:54am
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Currently whenever I post a news / blog post on the website with a picture it doesnt get uploaded to facebook with the status message.. I'ma try to change that one

this one hopefully sends it..
Posted by iyohn ~ 01/23/13, 1:51am
Been working on a few things for the site today.. All dealing with how we can use facebook to help maintain and update the site. One thing that I'm almost completed with is grabbing the comments on status updates, and the events page and then displaying them on the actual website. Currently this works out great. I plan to try to add a way to post comments on the website and have it go to facebook as well.

Another thing I was working on today was updating the pictures gallery with pictures from my facebook. This works out great as well. I'm able to select the different albums on my facebook, and then drag and drop the photos I want to add to the site here and then upload them into the correct folder on the website. So its easy to now grab photos from facebook and add to our picture gallery. I also added another feature with the pictures, to be able to rotate the picture to the left or right if it was sideways. This works great and I can see it coming in handy a lot.

Next thing I want to do is be able to do is upload the pictures to facebook as well as the website, from the website.. This shouldnt be to hard, but may be a pain in the ass lol
Posted by iyohn ~ 01/22/13, 9:16am
workin on it
Posted by iyohn ~ 01/22/13, 8:24am
yeah.. still trying to grab the facebook id

yeah I found it I believe..

lol, last one ? ;)

this one..