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Posted by iyohn ~ 01/22/13, 8:05am
testing to see what the post id on facebook is.. seeing if it goes as well
Posted by iyohn ~ 01/22/13, 1:36am
Heres a few things I can look into to adding to this script to allow us to do more with it.

Calendar, for the events page I currently have them listed in a list type of view. https://github.com/ahmontero/bootstrap-calendar makes a nice calendar that could work unless I find another one
http://www.saaraan.com/  also has some good codes / tutorials for PayPal Payments and more

I need to finish setting up the newsletter script, so whenever we post an event, or news post we send an email out to people that wish to recieve emails. To do this I need to figure out if I want to use the default php server mail servers, or use something like phpMailer to send out the emails. I believe the mailer might be a little better tho as we wont have to worry about some of those messages coming up in the spam folder.
Posted by iyohn ~ 01/21/13, 4:57am
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looks like we got this working! I just created a simple install script for it to so it should be easy to upload and add to any website.. I guess the versioning of this should be version 0.9.0 as Its not completely done and bug free. Now that its online I need to try some things out on it and see what I can find messing up. Hopefully nothing tho. I know I gotta get into the settings tab and set the settings for the image magick path..