Yohns Designs

Posted by iyohn ~ 01/23/13, 1:51am
Been working on a few things for the site today.. All dealing with how we can use facebook to help maintain and update the site. One thing that I'm almost completed with is grabbing the comments on status updates, and the events page and then displaying them on the actual website. Currently this works out great. I plan to try to add a way to post comments on the website and have it go to facebook as well.

Another thing I was working on today was updating the pictures gallery with pictures from my facebook. This works out great as well. I'm able to select the different albums on my facebook, and then drag and drop the photos I want to add to the site here and then upload them into the correct folder on the website. So its easy to now grab photos from facebook and add to our picture gallery. I also added another feature with the pictures, to be able to rotate the picture to the left or right if it was sideways. This works great and I can see it coming in handy a lot.

Next thing I want to do is be able to do is upload the pictures to facebook as well as the website, from the website.. This shouldnt be to hard, but may be a pain in the ass lol