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Posted by iyohn ~ 01/24/13, 11:08pm
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so yeah.. After creating this script / site and really liking how it works I'm leaning towards starting yohns.com as a totally different platfom instead of just a blogging site for myself. I want to share the creation with everyone and allow anyone to create their own website in minutes! A lot of the back end stuff already is assigned to the user that posted it, but It's going to need it to be assigned to the user, and website it would be on, so it'll take some hacking to get right. I believe its a good start and would make a lot of people happy by connecting their facebooks to their website easily. We'll see what I can come up with in the coming weeks while I work on switching everything over to work this way.

I'm actually really excited to think of this and look forward to getting phase 1 out but it will take a little while. I also think yohns.com is a good domain name to do this on as well. I'm leaning towards allowing the members to create their own website username and have it be on a subdomain on yohns.com, so if the user wants the username "irock" it would point to "irock.yohns.com". It'll work kinda like tumblr but integrated with facebook at first. I plan on integrating it into tumblr and twitter as well, but that's gonna take a little bit of time and currently are future plans for the script / site.

Posted by iyohn ~ 01/22/13, 1:36am
Heres a few things I can look into to adding to this script to allow us to do more with it.

Calendar, for the events page I currently have them listed in a list type of view. https://github.com/ahmontero/bootstrap-calendar makes a nice calendar that could work unless I find another one
http://www.saaraan.com/  also has some good codes / tutorials for PayPal Payments and more

I need to finish setting up the newsletter script, so whenever we post an event, or news post we send an email out to people that wish to recieve emails. To do this I need to figure out if I want to use the default php server mail servers, or use something like phpMailer to send out the emails. I believe the mailer might be a little better tho as we wont have to worry about some of those messages coming up in the spam folder.