Yohns Designs

Welcome to Yohns.com

I have some plans that I'm thinking about doing for the website, but as it stands right now it will be a personal blog.

I started creating this website for a friend of mine that wanted to be able to have a website for his night club that linked up to his facebook page easily. So this is what I did..
  • All the news post can get posted to facebook. We cannot edit our status messages on facebook, but we can edit our news posts here on the website.
  • If we upload a picture to the news post, it will be added to our picture gallery on the website in the "News Posts" folder, and will be uploaded to your facebook page.
  • Events can be posted on the website and facebook at the same time.
  • We can edit the events and it updates the facebook event right away. Same with deleting events. If we delete them on the website, and it was hooked up to a facebook event it will delete the event from facebook.
  • We can bring pictures from facebook to add to our picture gallery here in whatever folder you want.
  • Comments on the news and events are only pulled from facebook. So if the news post has comments on facebook, they will also show up here.
  • We can create, edit, and delete separate pages for the site easily and add those new pages to the top navigation bar, side navigation, or in the footer of the site.
  • If we dont like the default phrase or word on the site, we can edit it within our languages tab for the admin, which makes it really easy ;)
  • The admin panel is user friendly as I could make it, and i believe its really easy to navigate through. Its not on a separate page, its actually all handled within the site through pop up boxes or modals as I'll call them and includes some searching techniques to.
I did use a bunch of free stuff found on the web, and placed them all together into one package. Some of the most notable plugins I've used is the Bootstrap CSS Framework, and of course jQuery

Anyways, feel free to browse around the site and let me know what ya think! I plan on adding some more pages but I got a few more things I want to tweak up first.